Dyslexia Professional Development and Training

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Dyslexia Professional Development and Training  nessy 

IDA Kentucky and Nessy Learning have similar goals where dyslexia is concerned: both organizations place a strong emphasis on spreading awareness and providing education to schools and families.

Nessy Learning’s animated, six-module PD can be completed in about two hours, with a certificate provided. To take part, just click here and view a demo. If you decide to purchase, then be certain to enter the promo code IDAKY16. In doing so, you will receive a 15% discount, and Nessy Learning will make a donation to our organization.

As a leading educational software developer, Nessy Learning has a suite of products that addresses dyslexia assessment, remediation, and professional development.

IDA Kentucky does not endorse any particular product. This information is available to anyone wanting to know more about dyslexia.