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Nessy Partnership

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We are so excited to team up with Nessy to help our students in Kentucky have access to continuous learning throughout the next year.

Nessy is an online program that can be used anywhere there is a good internet connection, saving progress to be continued on other devices. Nessy Reading & Spelling will assess students when first entering the program, providing the grade level of their current reading and current spelling ability. These Nessy “Challenges” set targeted lessons designed to address each child’s unique areas that need improvement. Once each set of 1- 5 targets are completed, it will reassess and set new targeted lessons until the child has completed the program. find out more here:

International Dyslexia Association-Kentucky Branch will be giving away scholarships for students to be able to use the Nessy program for one full year! If you are currently receiving interventions for reading, it is recommended that you discuss this opportunity with your tutor. If you believe your child would benefit from the program please sign up below.

Any questions about this opportunity can be sent to

Sign up here:



Nessy FAQ