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The Board of Directors

Dr. Jamie Mahoney

Dr. Jamie Mahoney is an Associate Professor in the Adolescent, Career, and Special Education Department at Murray State University. She teaches Special Education courses for dual certification Learning Behavior Disorder/ Elementary or Middle School undergraduate students and graduate students in the Alt. Cert, Master LBD, and Moderate Severe Disabilities programs. She has taught students with various disabilities in the areas of math, reading, and language arts for over 20 years in the elementary public school setting. She is certified in the areas of special education, general education, reading endorsed, assistive technology certified, and educational leadership certified. Her research interests include preparing preservice and in-service teachers to effectively teach students of all abilities using differentiated instruction methods, response to intervention and progress monitoring, increasing student engagement using technology, collaboration and co-teaching methods, and assessment methodologies.  

Susanne Hannigan
Past – President

Susanne Hannigan is the owner of Literacy Links of Louisville, providing research-based literacy support to individuals, families, schools, and organizations interested in identifying and developing literacy abilities. She is a National Board Certified Teacher-Exceptional Needs, with over 25 years of public and private school teaching experience as a special educator and literacy specialist. Throughout her many years of teaching, Susanne has been awarded several public and private education grants to better serve her students, and she has been named a Teacher-of-the-Year for her collaborative work with teachers and exceptional needs students. Trained in Orton-Gillingham, Barton Reading and Spelling, and other research-based structured literacy methods, Susanne has instructed countless bright students in reading, spelling, and writing. Most recently, Susanne has become a field observer for Georgetown College, with the role of providing direct support, feedback, and professional development to student teachers in the field of LBD. Susanne’s mission with the IDAKY Board is to work collaboratively to increase dyslexia awareness and knowledge, to support the need for appropriate early assessment, identification, intervention, and progress monitoring practices for dyslexic learners, and to provide advocacy to students and families throughout the state of Kentucky.

Rosanna Gabreiele
Vice President

Rosanna Gabriele lives with her husband and four children in Anchorage, Kentucky.  A graduate of the University of Rochester, Rosanna is thrilled to serve on the board for the Kentucky Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  Both of her sons have dyslexia and dysgraphia.  She is dedicated to spreading dyslexia awareness and creating greater understanding of the struggles dyslexic students face in our schools.

Dawn McNew

Dawn McNew has been an English teacher and coach at Paintsville High School in Paintsville, Kentucky since 2003. A 1990 graduate of the University of Kentucky, Dawn has earned a B.A. and M.A. in English and a MAT in Teaching Secondary English. In 2017, Dawn completed National Board Certification. Currently, Dawn teaches Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior English as well as Advanced Placement Literature and Composition and ELA remediation. After years of struggling, Dawn finds that having dyslexia is a gift as a teacher and has used her experience as the impetus to prove that students with dyslexia can become prolific readers and writers. Over the years she has used her position as an opportunity to act as a role model for students struggling with confidence, by emphasizing their increased capacity for imagination, visual learning, and creativity that comes with dyslexic brains. Her passion has lead her to devise special strategies, lessons, and activities for students that are useful to all learners. Dawn lives with her husband Craig, and sons Grant and Jackson with their Maltese Baxter in Paintsville.

Dr. Kristy Buttrey



Shirley Carter

Shirley Carter has just joined the ranks of those carrying the torch for dyslexia. She lives in Lexington with her husband, Austin, and is a lifeline for her granddaughter. Not only does Shirley provide transportation for her granddaughter to her tutoring sessions, but she has begun tutoring herself, using the Barton Reading & Spelling method. One of the most meaningful things she has done on granddaughter’s behalf is to jump in wholeheartedly to learn everything she can about dyslexia. Shirley has attended IEP meetings and conscientiously stood her ground in obtaining classroom accommodations, has purchased a Livescribe pen to encourage the use of technology, and is looking for ways to tutor and advocate for other children with learning differences. Shirley has poured her professional skills into making a difference where it really counts.

Dr. Maggie Wright

Dr. Maggie Wright, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder of The Wright Psychology and Learning Center in Louisville, KY.  Dr. Wright has been specializing in the assessment and treatment of dyslexia for over ten years in her private practice and is passionate about raising awareness of dyslexia throughout the state.  Dr. Wright is a vocal advocate of early screening and identification of dyslexia and has helped several schools in the Louisville area to implement early intervention programs.  Dr. Wright is excited to serve on the International Dyslexia Association – Kentucky Branch Board of Directors.  Dr. Wright lives with her husband and three school-age children in Louisville.

Laura Sol

For the past 20 years I have been employed in a k-8 public school in Louisville, KY.  For past 14 years I have been the Reading Lab Instructor in the schools RTI program. I am a certified tutor (advanced level) in the Barton program for Reading and Spelling and have also been trained in the Lindamood Belle programs.
In my role as an interventionist I have been privileged to experience the joys of delivering an effective intervention, while changing outcomes for struggling readers.
Conversely, I have also experienced the frustrations involved in the pervasive lack of understanding of dyslexia. These joys and frustrations have fueled my desire to do more on a broader level. Therefore I am pleased to serve on the board of the KYIDA and am excited to be a part of forwarding the mission of “helping to create a future for all those who struggle with dyslexia”.

Melissa Parshall

My name is Melissa Parshall and I am a mother of three (Molly – 8yo, Annabelle and Hudson – 7yo) and a physician assistant at Louisville Orthopedic Clinic. Molly and Hudson are both dyslexic and we have been on this journey for about two years now. I am excited to be a part of this group, to learn from your experience and contribute my ideas and efforts.


Amanda Berringer

Amanda Berringer, wife and mother of two, lives and teaches in Northern Kentucky.  She taught students with special needs for 17 years before becoming the primary intervention specialist for Dayton Independent Schools.  Amanda is trained in Orton-Gillingham methodology and uses several structured literacy programs with students daily.  She believes in using the science of reading to guide instruction and is passionate about sharing information with colleagues and families.  Amanda was the 2019 A.D. Albright Outstanding Teacher of the Year and Golden Apple recipient.  In addition to teaching, Amanda coaches Drama Club and Unified Special Olympics.  She is devoted to helping all children discover their talents and strengths.

Nissa Shannon

My name is Nissa Shannon. I am a pastor’s wife and mother to six children which we have successfully raised to adulthood. I am a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Exceptional Needs and have taught special education in Breckinridge County for 11 years. My first year teaching, I had a student who will forever hold a piece of my heart. As a 6th grade student, he struggled to read basic sight words. After moving to the elementary level, I had a number of students, one in particular who I knew there had to be something more I could do to help. I searched out a week-long training conducted by Susan Barton and my journey and passion to help struggling students began. I live in a rural community with no resources and supports available. My desire is to spread awareness and educate others about dyslexia while trying to encourage and teach my students to be successful.

Carrie Volz

Shelly Lee




Carol Jones

Carol Jones is the grandmother of a 14-year-old boy with dyslexia who is now a confident 8th grader making straight A’s. At the age of 9, struggling with reading and showing signs of depression, his family had the financial means to get a professional diagnosis, enroll him in DePaul and rent an apartment with different family members staying with him, then hire a Barton tutor when he returned to public school. Carol is acutely aware of all the dyslexic children who are not getting appropriate diagnosis and scientific, evidenced-based reading instruction and advocates for them through discussions with superintendents, teachers, community leaders, and legislation.

Selise Ridolfi



Dr. Donna Crouch

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