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by Carolyn Cowen

IDA infographics help make complex information easy to digest, remember, and share and are made for a wide audience both those individuals new to dyslexia and related literacy/learning issues and the experts. Please share our infographics and our fact sheets to raise awareness about dyslexia and to help support the policy and practice changes needed to bring effective instruction (particularly in reading) to every child with dyslexia in every classroom across the nation.

October 2016

Beware of Education Practices Too Good to Be True!

Summer 2016

What Is Structured Literacy?

April 2016

Most Reading Difficulties Can Be Resolved or Diminished

February 2016

How widespread is dyslexia?


Carolyn D. Cowen, Ed.M., is the Social Media Editor/Strategist for the International Dyslexia Association’s Examiner. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Newgrange School, Ann Robinowitz Education Center, and Laurel School and on the Board of Directors for the Research Institute for Learning and Development. Carolyn is especially interested in creative ways nonprofits and movements can “power the mission with the message.” Follow her on Twitter @cdcowen.



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